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Success Stories


2017.02.02Star Instrument

With subsidiary of 26 provinces and customers over 1.1 billion, China State Grid is the largest utility in China. Star Instrument is the qualified supplier of China State Grid, and actively participates into its smart grid projects. The company owns the advanced measuring techniques in the industry and obtains over 100 intellectual property rights. Its products have been massively deployed in the State Grid Chongqing, Jiangsu, Qinghai and Shandong branches etc.

South Grid is the second largest utility in China, while covering 5 provinces and managing over 250 million clients. Up till now over 10 meter models developed by Star Instrument have passed the strict verification of South Grid, thus makes the company also become the qualified supplier of China South Grid.

The Colorful Life Group is a large-sized property service company listed in HK. It is specialized in property service, asset management and community service. In 2014, Colorful Life Group and Star Instrument had agreed to introduce the Star energy management system to its property service management. The Star e-management system consists of smart energy meters, the master station, communication network and App top-up system. It streamlines energy management of residential areas by facilitating unattended top up, status display and data query. No human intervention is involved. Star e-management, in an efficient manner, collects and manages multi-regional data from the end points installed across seven provinces in China. 

The Star e-management system is a one-stop centralized meter reading solution based on well-established Star products and systems. This core system eliminates workload and reduces property employee efforts by providing meter reading, payment choice and data query. The system collects, stores and transfers data through monitoring operating status, measuring, analyzing and billing energy as well as giving SMS alerts and remote control. All acquired data goes to the MIS and ERP systems of the Colorful Life Group as accurate and thorough reference to energy consumption.



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